Adobe PhotoShop CS6 for Windows

Adobe PhotoShop CS6 for Windows

Free Download Adobe PhotoShop CS6 for Windows. This application software is developed by Adobe Team, a very lightweight and impressive photo editing software with digital support specially designed for Windows based computer or laptops. Healing Brushes, Wet Brushes, a stylish collection of tools, and background fill are all available as an amazing material just like previous version CS4. Using shadow animation and lighting tools augments 3D scenes when creating 3D strategy. The vital decision for experts just as a visual planner with the fundamental usefulness of picture improvement apparatuses. Alter the pictures through utilizing the rotate, zoom, flip, and change, shading, immersion, and tone setting with the assistance of numerous highlights like digitally embellish, paint brushes, pencils, watercolors, and significantly more. The independent program empowers advanced specialists to utilize computerized pens and other astounding instruments for delineating kid’s shows, anime, and so on.


Note: Before installation, please create free account on Adobe.

install and tryThe installation process is quite tricky. You need to follow all instructions carefully while installing this application. First of all, download the compressed folder and move to Adobe CS6 folder. There is Set-up file that needs to be executed to install it on your PC. Please remember that, if your Windows is updated yet and your system need a reboot, then you need to reboot your computer first, otherwise it will not be installed. After clicking on Set-up, it will initialize and show you a screen with two buttons, Install and Try. If you don’t have serial key, then go with a Try.

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It will require Sign In to install the software. After signing in, you will see two version of Adobe CS6 for 64-bit operating system and simple. The simple one is for 32-bit Windows OS. You need to select only 1 and continue. It will start to install all required Redistributable packages and complete the installation.

Adobe PhotoShop CS6 Highlighting Features

Tools and features of CS6 are very similar to Adobe Photoshop 7 but with improvement. There are various tools and here we will discuss following.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 beginner

Crop Tool

Cropping tool lets you to crop or trim any image as per your need. When you will select this tool, you will see a blade like square icon. You need to move your mouse pointer to the edge of image from where you want to crop it and then click and drag it towards ending edge. The selection will be highlighted and tells you that this will be the image after cropping. By pressing enter button, your image will be cropped. Crop tool is listed at number 5 on left side tool bar of Adobe CS6.

Eyedropper Tool

Eyedropper tool is also important tool for routine usage specially when you need to work with colors. Eyedropper tool help you to select your desired color from any image. After selecting this tool, you need to move it to any color within an image and click on it. This will active that color for you. That active color will be your Text or Paint bucket to fill any part of image with that color.

Healing Tools

Healing tool help you to clone specific area from an image. With this tool, you can paint and extend your image with the similar surrounding. This tools is useful if you have textured background of some kind of grassy. If your image surrounding has objects or elements, then this tools is not good to use. You can also use this tool within a selected area with patch tool. Patch tool selection will keep your healing tool affect within selection.

Dodge Tool

This tools help to lighter the specific area of image. This tool is commonly used on human face to make it lighter. You can also use to expose some element in background of image.

History Brush Tool

You can say this tool a magical tool. If you remove some elements from image using any tool, then History Brush tool will bring the erased elements of the image. You just need to click your mouse after selecting this tool and start to move it on images. It will bring all erased elements from the selected image.

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