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Alien Arena Game

Free download Alien Arena latest game for PC. It is developed by Planetarena. It is full of action and Sci-Fi modern game. There are a lot of gadgets, Martians and robots in this game. It is the latest series of standalone fighting games. It has modern visualization and sounds.

Alien-Arena-2006-screenshotAlien Arena has deadly 32 levels. All are very dangerous to play and have a lot of action. Each level is tougher than the last one. It has five modes of playing, number of bots, 9 original characters, 8 types of weapon and mutators. The game has endless fun and action and bundle of reliability. Though it is considered the sequel of CodeRED (2004) game but, Alien Area is something else and it is far better than earlier one. This game is totally free, you have endless hour of playing. The developers gave new dimensions to this game.

 Alien Arena used CRX engine and includes new great effects like multitexture combine, reflective water, light blooms, 32 bit color, textured pictures, vertex lighting, stainmaps, fog, shaders and much more. Other new additions are Q3 style console and colored player names, which will give you an amazing view to see. With the addition of CRX, game is very fast and speedy, even on a moderate system the game will have excellent speed. Movements of game are very smooth, reliable and fast.

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The interface of game is also improved. Bots are also improved. Overall game is a surprise and full package to the lovers of actions games. You’ll have a lot of action for sure in this game with amazing graphics and background sound and music. (Review by pcfavour)

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