Amnesia The Dark Descent Game

Amnesia The Dark Descent Game

Free download Amnesia: The Dark Descent game for PC. It is developed by Frictional Games. It is the horror game ever. You’ll play in this game as Daniel who is an amnesia patient and wakes up in the dark castle. Then you’ll see the best horror scenes and game ever.

Amnesia-The-Dark-Descent-screenshotAmnesia is based on to explore you, puzzle game, solving the problems and avoiding the monsters. Daniel himself is very insane and horror person. This is another challenge that you must avoid your sanity as much as possible. You’ll find it difficult to control yourself.

Daniel wouldn’t fight with monsters, so he will not face them and avoid, so he would run away in the darkness. This is amnesia and makes you and Daniel Amnesia: The dark descent. This is the thing that you won’t do it. The graphics and sound is very dark and horror which makes this game more terrible and horror. The graphics are 3D; you’ll feel the darkness real. The effects and sound of moans, screams and other visual effects will threaten your sense of dead and shock you.

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There are number of levels, so you can play if you dare to play as more as you can. This game has a lot of tensions and scares. The story of this game is also very terrible and shocks you at every moment.

The horror game lovers would love this game as it is the horror and terrible game ever. I guarantee you that this game will not disappoint you, download it, play it and you’ll love it.  (Review by pcfavour)

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