ARMA: Armed Assault Game Download

ARMA: Armed Assault Game

Free download ARMA: Armed Assault game for PC. It is a third and first person shooter tactical military game. ARMA Armed Assault was developed by Bohemia Interactive with the help of its 40 members in 2006. This game supports both single player and multiplayer. The game has, can be said, the same method of play as Delta Force, Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Commandos 2 games.

Arma-Armed-Assault-Game-downloadIn multiplayer mode of ARMA Armed Assault, player can join the game without any wait. Thus many people on the network can play the game. The number of players in multiplayer mode depends on server capability.

In this ARMA game, the campaign head is William Porter who is the member of United States Army. The game campaign takes place on an island named Atlantic. This is a fictional island of Sahrani and divided into two parts. The one part is called Democratic Repubic of Sahrani DRS and situated in north. The other southern part is called Kingdom of South Sahrani.

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ARMA Armed Assault contains a lot of weapons like machine guns, rocket launchers, bazooka and various vehicles such as armored vans, trucks. Your army will travel toward the battle through helicopters, trucks, tanks and sometime on foot.

The army movement is very awesome just like real. You will also see combat aircraft during the campaign. The battle will help on ground, in the air and sea. The campaign in the game has a storyline and the player has a choice how he want to progress this storyline. The graphics of the game are fine but army men are impressively developed. You can play and enjoy the demo version of ARMA Armed Assault game on your pc. The setup file is about 860 MB that can be downloaded from the link given below. (Review by pcfavour)

Free Demo
846 MB.

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