Bombermaaan 1.4 Game

Bombermaaan 1.4 Game

Are your looking for Bomberman game? Download this Bombermaaan game Free, very similar to bomberman. It is just a remake of famous game Bomberman. This game has the same features as of Bomberman but has improved some graphics and sounds. Bombermaaan is founded by Thibaut and published by Bombermaaan Sourceforge. This game is a freeware.

BomberMaaan-screenshotThe gameplay is very similar to the famous Bomberman. This game has the capability of up to 5 players to play. You can play individually but then your opponent will be Com (Computer). In Bombermaaan, you have to place a bomb to destroy the brick wall. It is also necessary to escape from the bomb. The range of bomb consists of plus direction (up, down, left, right from the bomb location). You can escape to hide yourself behind the solid block.

Your mission is to defeat your enemy by killing with your bomb or allow him to be killed by his own bomb accidently. At the start of the game, bomb will blast automatically. Each broken wall, usually, blesses you with some extra function instrument e.g. remote-fuse-bombs, which allows you to place up to 2 bomb and you can blast them using remote after reaching a safe place.

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From the options, you can set your game control options. There is also a Demo, which will tell you how to play this game. There is a timer to complete the mission. You can change the timer and set yourself accordingly. There is also a Hurry up time, after that all empty places will start filling with solid bricks. These bricks destroy everything included you.

The game will take you to your childhood if it belongs to 80s or 90s. The game is very funny and interesting. At the end of game, you or your opponent will also celebrate his victory, which increases the charm of the game. (Review by pcfavour)

1.72 MB.


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