Comodo Dragon Latest Version

Comodo Dragon Latest Version

Comodo-Dragon-Web-Browser-downloadFree download Comodo Dragon latest version. It is one of the most popular security software developers Comodo has launched a browser like chrome. It is said that this is high featured browser. This browser is more attractive, secure and responsive than others.
Apart from its red color it looks same like Google Chrome browser. If you do not consider detachable tabs at the top of the screen to the bookmark-syncing option, you can never differentiate between Chrome and Comodo Dragon. It is quite difficult to recognize difference instantly.

Even its Help and Extensions tag redirect you to Google. It also has incognito mode option as Chrome has where all web sessions, user data and cookies are deleted automatically. If we talk about option menu there are clear differences. There is no location setting option. Comodo Dragon does not support another option to send “usage statistics and crash reports to Google.”

This browser developed by a company which is known to be best in firewall software which can leave people feeling more secure about internet usage. You may be familiar with Comodo Internet Security that is also developed by the company. Comodo Dragon pulls a bright yellow caution message when user inters into a website which has unstable security certificate.

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One message appears when user logging into large site like Facebook.  Dragon does not send browsing information to remote server. You need not to install Adobe Flash Player to watch videos and movies online like other browsers requires. It is so much light to use. It runs fast too even there is slow internet speed.  It based in simple timer tests run on MS Windows XP Service Pack 3, the average startup time was 4.53 sec. and warm start up time was .92 sec.

It is easy to install. It does not install online like Google Chrome. Its offline complete setup is easily available on different websites. For those who take care for their online security, or for those who are tens about Google’s data mining, this browser is best choice for them.

(Review by pcfavour)

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