Deadly Stars Game Download

Deadly Stars Game Download

Free download Deadly Stars PC game. It is space fighter and shooter game which is developed by Gametop. The game is basically a 2 dimensional game in which your space ship is ready to attack on enemies. The installation process is very simple and takes just few minutes.

Deadly-Stars-PC-GameAfter installing Deadly Stars game, you are ready to start a star war. You have to rescue your spaceship and also have to attack your enemies to survive yourself. The game play is also very easy. You can control your spaceship in deadly stars game using your keyboard and mouse easily. Mouse control is optional so it is better to control with keyboard.

Main menu of deadly stars game is nicely developed using 3d graphics. This menu has all traditional items such as new game, load game, options, exit etc. The default buttons which are used to control the spaceship are arrow keys, ctrl, Z, X and spacebar. You can change the game control buttons using options menu and change it by selecting keyboard configuration option.

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There are two types of attacks which are made by your spaceship. These attacks are primary attack and missile attack. In primary attack, your spaceship will fire default bullets from your spaceship which is unlimited. In missile attack, your space ship will fire missiles at your enemies. These missiles are limited so do not waste them. To switch your missile, you can use the button which you have assigned in keyboard configuration settings. By doing this, your spaceship will enable to fire different kind of missile. I have named the two missiles as manual target missile and auto target missile. In manual target missile mode, your spaceship will fire two missiles parallel in straight direction. In this case, you one or both missiles can be missed the target. You have only 30 fires of this kind of missile attack. The other one is auto target missile, which will chase the enemy until target it. These missiles are only 5 in number. You check your spaceship life; you will see the round circle at right bottom while you can check the remaining missiles at the left bottom of the screen. So try this game and see how you would escape your spaceship. (Review by pcfavour)

19.1 MB.

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