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Dexpot Latest Version

Free download Dexpot latest version. It is an amazing application for your desktop to provide you multiple desktops for your pc. This application is very light and simple to run. Dexpot will enable your PC to manage 4 desktop of your computer at the same time. These desktops are accessed virtual and make your work easy if you use a lot of application at same time.

Dexpot-screenshotDexpot works very simply and divide your single desktop into 4 desktops. Your recent desktop will become Desktop 1 with all running programs. The remaining desktops will show no running program. Now if you move to Desktop 2, and run another application, for example KMPlayer to watch some movie, then this video will not be displayed into all other desktops. There are many features and setting options for you to set all desktops according to your need. For example, if you want to preview all four desktops at the same time on your screen (Your screen will be divided into four parts), then right click on dexpot icon from icon tray and click “Full-screen preview”. You can click any desktop to bring it front.

If you want to manage all four desktops then you can choose desktop preview, which will provide a slider at the right bottom of the screen. When you move your mouse, it appears and you can select any desktop. Similarly, you can select desktop manager, which will provide you a slide with 1, 2, 3 and 4 desktop. You can also switch your desktop from this option. Window catalog option will show you all running application at same time. You can change your all desktop resolutions, set password, screensavers, wallpapers and much more from “Configure Desktops” option. You can also assign your running application to any desktop using “Assign applications” option.

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Dexpot is very useful for those who remain busy to do work with their PCs or laptop. For their friends or family, they can play movie on a desktop using monitor or projector and can easily continue their work on different desktop. You cannot change the desktop items. They will remain same for all desktops, so the change will only occur for running applications. (Review by PCFavour)

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