Docx to Doc Converter Latest Version

Docx to Doc Converter Latest Version

Free download Docx to Doc Converter latest version. It, as its name states, is a converter to convert Docx format to Doc format. You are familiar with this format. Docx is the format or extension for the files of Microsoft Word 2007. If you have installed Microsoft Office 2007, then you will obviously use MS Word 2007 and its default file format is .docx.

Docx-to-Doc-ConverterThere is an issue with Microsoft Office files which is that the older versions of it do not support the newer formats. For example, if you are using Microsoft Office 2003 or Microsoft Office XP, and you get an Microsoft Word file from anywhere e.g. from internet or any of your friend then you cannot open this file. You have to install Microsoft Office 2007 to open it or the only way to change its format from Docx to Doc (.docx to .doc) because Microsoft Word 2003 only supports .doc format.

Docx to Doc converter will solve such kind of issue. It will convert .docx file to .doc file and enable the file for you to read in any older version of Microsoft Office. The conversion is very easy and simple. There are 3 simple steps; select your file, choose your location to save file and convert it. The conversion will take just few seconds and you will be done.

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After completing the conversion, you are asked to purchase Docx to Doc converter. If you want to buy it, click on “Yes”, you are redirected to the official website from where you can buy it, otherwise select “No” and you can still use this outstanding software for 7 days. Docx to Doc converter has search option if you want to convert multiple files, then select your desired folder and click on search, it will show you all word files. You can then convert them to .doc file to make it usable for Microsoft Office older versions. (Review by pcfavour)

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