dr.fone – 1 Click Copy One Phone to Another

dr.fone – 1 Click Copy One Phone to Another

Smartphones have brought a lot of comfort in human life and completely changed the way of living but there is always another side of the coin. So, if you’ve a smartphone, you must have to save smartphone related problems, occasionally, like accidental loss of data, switching your phone with a wish not to lose a single byte of data and transferring your data to another device and you’ll need a solution.

Transfer Contacts, Photos, Apps From iPhone To Android Using Wondershare dr.fone

Dr.Phone mobile

Wondershare Software (H.K.) Co., Ltd. brings the All-in-One solution for you with a wonderful tool “dr. fone” which can perform the demanding tasks of data recovery, file transfer and backing up of data. The features dr. fone is providing to the users are:

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  • Backup & Recover Deleted Photos
  • Backup & Recover Deleted Music
  • Backup & Recover Deleted Videos
  • Backup & Recover Deleted Documents
  • Backup & Recover Deleted Contacts
  • Backup & Recover Deleted SMS
  • Backup & Calendar Events
  • Backup & Call Logs
  • Backup & Apps with App Data
  • Transfer Data between Devices via Wire
  • iPhone to Android Transfer
  • Transfer Data between Devices Wirelessly
  • Clone / Switch Mobile Keeping All Your Data
  • Recycle Bin
  • Root

dr.phone desktop versiondr.fone Desktop Version


backup dr.fone

dr.fone can back up all your smartphone’s data including contacts, SMS, calendar events, call logs, apps and apps data according to your need. For the purpose, the app offers two ways to back up your data as follows:

Cloud Backup

dr.fone is really impressive to keep your data secure if you rely on it; backing up your data on the app’s cloud. If you do so, you’ll never need to worry about the data you, accidentally, lose as dr. fone will get all the data back for you from the cloud without any problem.

Local Storage Backup

You can also back up your data on your local storage like SD card or your personal computer but this feature needs desktop version of dr. fone. After installing the desktop version, connect your smartphone via USB data cable to the computer, the app will back up your selected data with a single click.

One thing you must know about dr. fone is; if you really care about your data, root your smartphone to give the app root access to your phone. It is just like a security guard who is allowed to access your privacy for the security of your life. So, for the security of your data, root access is essential, otherwise, the app won’t be able to backup/restore root level data like, SMS, contacts, WhatsApp data, call logs, apps and app data etc.


Recovery dr.foneRecovery is the key feature of dr. fone as it’s the major problem smartphone users are facing. So the dr. fone comes with the highest successful recovery rate in the industry. The app offers three different ways of data recovery that are also different in terms of deepness of recovery of lost data. Recovery methods provided by dr. fone are:

  • Recover from Cache (Images, Photos, Videos, Music etc)
  • Recover Photos & videos, Messages, Contacts
  • Deep Recovery

Recover from Cache

Good news is that this method doesn’t need any root access. So every single smartphone user can use this method to recover lost data. But the important part to know about this method is that the methods works if you’re not using any app to boost up your smartphone’s speed or enhances RAM efficiency because all apps of this kind clears the cache memory of your smartphone. So dr. fone, in this method, scans cache and tries to collect the lost information which is stored in cache memory, but if the cache is removed, the app won’t be able to recover any data.

Recover Photos & videos, Messages, Contacts

This feature of dr. fone recovers storage data along with Messages and Contacts you’ve lost but, yeah for sure, the app needs root access for the purpose. So if your device is rooted, you just need to tap the listed feature and the app will get the maximum of your lost photos, videos, messages and contacts.

Supported Formats to Recover Data: The method supports the photo formats of JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TIFF and video formats of MP4 (which is usually default format of smartphone’s camera recording), 3GP, MOV, AVI, MPG, WMV, ASF, FLV, RM/RMVB, M4V, 3G2, SWF.

As far as rooting is concerned, it’s not a big deal in today’s world of internet. Many applications can be found on the internet which can root any device with just a single click. Kingo Root is one of them you can download from this site.

Deep Recovery

Deep recovery feature of dr. fone needs desktop version of the app. You’ll need to connect your smartphone with your computer (better via USB cable). This feature recovers the system files which are accidentally deleted or corrupted due to a virus attack, system crash, during system updates or during the process of rooting. This recovery mode can recover all the data including call logs, apps and apps data, WhatsApp data, documents, contacts and messages.

Data Transfer

Data Transfer Dr.foneData Transfer between the devices is an extra feature of dr. fone. The app can transfer data between two smartphones or smartphone and PC. You can transfer data between the devices via two ways:

  • Wired Data Transfer (using USB data cable)
  • Wireless Data Transfer (using Bluetooth/WiFi/Internet)

The good thing about traditional data transfer and dr. fone’s data transfer is that the app organizes the data according to the type and format of the data, i.e. all the photos will be combined and displayed in a separate tab with different folders on the left sidebar where images are actually stored. Similarly videos, music, documents, messages and call logs are also arranged in the separate tabs. This feature really makes it easy to find the desired data we need to transfer.

You can also transfer your files to your computer via internet. Tap Transfer option in your mobile app and select the files, after that go to web.drfone.me from your PC and get all the files in your desktop PC and vice versa to transfer files from your PC to smartphone.

Clone (Switching your Smartphone)

Clone Switching dr.foneCloning is another extra feature of dr. fone in which the app makes your new smartphone same as your old one keeping all the data, apps and setting you’ve set up in the older smartphone. So switching your phone is no more a problem; you won’t need to choose and copy manually all the data one by one. You don’t need to remind which apps you’d installed in the older mobile as dr. fone will do it all for you. All you need to do is, tap the Clone option, connect your old phone wirelessly with the new one, sit aside patiently and let the app work for you.

iPhone to Android Transfer

Using dr.fone, it is now possible to transfer your all data like contacts, messages and all important data from iPhone to Android easily.

Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin feature of dr. fone performs the same tasks as a Windows OS Recycle Bin does. Anything you delete from your smartphone will go into the Recycle Bin of dr. fone from where you can restore the file again if you have deleted it accidentally or you want it back. You can also change the duration Recycle Bin keeps the deleted data from one week, to one month or never according to your wish.


For your ease, dr. fone also brings the demanding rooting feature so that you don’t need to surf the internet for rooting purpose. You’ll need to download the desktop version of dr. fone, connect your phone with desktop version of app via cable and click on root. The app claims to have 100% success rate worldwide in safe and secure rooting.

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