Facebook Unfriend Alerts Free Add-ons

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Facebook Unfriend Alerts Free Add-ons

Free install Facebook Unfriend Alerts when any of your friend unfriend you. Facebook is very famous and No. 1 Social Media as well as top ranked website. Almost every user of internet uses facebook to connect with his friends. We know that if someone unfriend us, we are unable to know because facebook never notify this. So we can not know about the friend who has left us. Facebook Unfriend Alerts add-on will help us to notify us with the alerts whenever a friend of us leave us. It will tell us who has unfriend us.

unfriend alertThe all features according to developer:

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Unfriend Notifications!

When someone unfriends you, you’ll see a notification showing which one of your friends unfriended you.

Account Deletion Notices!

If one of your friends deletes their Facebook profile, Unfriend Alert will notify you about these changes as well!

Super Easy to Use!

After installing, just use Facebook as usual. You’ll know Unfriend Alert is running when you see it listed on the newsfeed under ‘More Apps’ (like this).

Checks Every Hour!

Unfriend Alerts checks your friends list every hour to see who has unfriended you, and then automatically alerts you about any changes.

Works On Major Platforms!

UnfriendApp works on Windows PC’s using Internet Explorer 7+ or FireFox 3.6+ and Google Chrome (learn more).

100% Safe & Secure!

Your friends list is stored locally in your computer and is never transmitted to us or anyone. Your information stays private and secure.

Windows (Google Chrome Extension)
Unfriend Alerts

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