GTA IV San Andreas Snow Edition Game

GTA IV San Andreas Snow Edition Game

Download GTA IV San Andreas – Snow edition game for your PC. It is a gift for its lovers. It is developed by GTA IV-SA team. It is the modern version of GTA IV: San Andreas. It is the most popular fighting and action game due to its sound effects, visualization and amazing graphics. Its story is very nice to watch. In this latest form of game, you’ll have amazing view and beautiful level in a white winter and icy wonderland that’s why it is called snow edition. This GTA game series is very amazing and you can waste all your time easily 🙂

GTA-IV-Snow-edition-screenshotEach and every level of game will be in winter season, there is snow and ice is everywhere. 3D graphics and Ice Mountains looks very beautiful. The views of the game is delight to watch. These graphics and beautiful scenes will enhance your interest to play this game. The whole game has same rules and regulations as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has. You’ll have a lot of enemies to kill and have missions to complete.

You have to safe yourself from your opponents, they’ll try to kill you but, they kill you instead of this you kill them all and complete your mission. You’ll face Police as your rival in this game. They’d also try to harass you. You’ll have weapons to stop and kill them. So, a lot of fun and thrill is waiting for you.

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If you are lover of GTA series then you’d love to play this game, I am sure. Installing of this game is very easy. Just run the exe file and there is also a text file in this zip file ‘How to Install’, read that before plays the game. It is totally free game.

Remember one thing which is very important that you have to install or there should be installed GTA IV: San Andreas to play and enjoy this icy game as named the Snow edition. (Review by pcfavour)

470.44 MB.


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