ICQ Download Latest Version

ICQ Latest Version

Free download ICQ latest version for all platforms. ICQ is a free instant messenger that allows you to make video and audio chat. Call, text, share files and send SMS messages for free. Connect your Facebook account and use ICQ to chat with all of your friends. Use free ICQ voice calls to make a local or international call on ICQ – save money with low rates on calls to any country.

ICQ-screenshot-downloadUnlimited voice and video calls in ICQ for Windows 8! Call your friends and family for a quick catch-up or spend some quality time in ICQ video chat. Stay in touch, no matter where you are. Show your friends how your day is going – take photos and videos and send them to your ICQ friends. Multimedia sharing in ICQ is free, fast and secure.

Chat all day long – send free text messages in ICQ for Windows 8. Text your friends whenever you want and as much as you want. Enjoy free unlimited messaging. Connect your Facebook account to ICQ and chat with your Facebook friends. Use ICQ for Windows 8 to keep in touch with all of your friends.

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You can message your friends from ICQ, even if they don’t use the app. Send a free SMS to any mobile phone number in any country. Enjoy great sound quality and talk for free as much as you like. Whether you just want to hear the voice of your loved ones or need to discuss something important – use free ICQ calls. When you are far away from your family and friends, every minute of the conversation is precious. Call your ICQ contacts free of charge, no matter where they are.

Thanks to high definition video calls you can now experience the joy of a face-to-face conversation, no matter how far you are. A trip out of town or a busy work schedule is no longer a reason to miss out on seeing your loved ones. With free ICQ video calls your family and friends are just a call away. Got a new pet? Received a cool new gadget? Go ahead, start a video call on ICQ and share the news with your friends.

35.53 MB (Windows)
23.9 MB (iOS)

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