iPhone To Android Transfer Contacts, Photos, Apps Using Wondershare dr.fone

Transfer Contacts, Photos, Apps From iPhone To Android Using Wondershare dr.fone

We are introducing dr.fone – switch, a better way for iphone to android transfer. dr.fone is powered by Wondershare. If you are using an iphone and want to change your phone from iphone to android, then you are surely thinking how to transfer your data from iPhone to android? You must have But dr.fone switch is the perfect application.

There are 2 methods for iphone to android transfer including Transfer All Data from iPhone to Android in 1 Click and Transfer Data One by One from iPhone to Android for Free. But here we will focus only method to transfer all data from iphone to android with 1 click.

iPhone to Android Transfer in 1 Click

dr.fone – switch is easiest way for iphone to android transfer. With the help of dr.fone – switch, you can easily transfer your all contacts from phone memory or any cloud like iCloud, text messages, videos, music and photos from iphone to any android mobile or tablet. It includes iPhone S6 and S6 plus.

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Using dr.fone – switch you can easily transfer your iphone data to android with easy steps. First of all, download this app for your Windows PC or Mac and follow the steps:

Step 1: Run iPhone to Android Data Transfer Tool

After installation, you need to launch dr.fone application. You will see Recover, Transfer, Repair, Erase, Switch, Backup&Restore, Unlock and Restore Social App option there on home page of dr.fone. iphone to android transfer

You just need to select Switch option from home page for iphone to android transfer. dr.fone can be used for many other features, but right now, we will use Switch tool.

Step 2. Connect Your iPhone and Android Device to Computer with USB Cables

Now you need to connect your iphone device, from which you want to transfer your data, and your android phone or tablet, to which you want to transfer your data, with the computer where you are using dr.phone – switch. You need to connect both phones or devices via USD ports of your computer or Mac.

You will see the both devices when these will be detected by dr.fone. These will look like as shown in screenshot.


Now, you need to select contents that you want to transfer. You will see Contacts, Text Messages, Calender, Call logs, Photos, Music, Videos. Mark all if you want, otherwise select only your desired contents.

You will see Apps and App Data option there, but these cannot be transferred as iphone and android apps are different type and format. You need to install all Apps from Google Play Store.

Step 3. Start Data Transfer from iPhone to Android

Click on Start Transfer and you will see the status of transfer. The transfer progress window will show you success message, which means that iphone to android transfer is completed.

If you need to transfer Apps from iPhone to Android, you need to use Google Play Store. Almost each developer has placed his apps only App Store as well as Play Store. So by searching, you can easily find all your Apps on android and install it.

dr.fone – switch is simplest and easiest way for iphone to android transfer.

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