IPNow Manager Download Latest

IPNow Manager Latest Version

Free download IPNow Manager latest version. It is an internet Utility for your computer. IPNow Manager, as its name states, is a program that detect your IP address and how it. Each time, when you connect to the internet, you are provided with an IP address from your service provider. Although you can check your IP Address using different websites such as whatismyipaddress.com or whatismyip.com. But it is sometime possible that the website down. So you must have some alternative methods.

IPNow-Manager-screenshotIPNow Manager not only detects your IP address but also provide you remote port, internet port, service provider, decimal IP and even IPv6 information. You can also see either your internet connection is using any Proxy or not. IPNow Manager is very light weight and very easy to download and install. Download the setup file from the download link given below. This is compressed/RAR folder. Extract the folder and then open folder named “IPNow_Manager”. There you will see two more folders “EXE Ready” and “Sources. Open the folder “EXE Ready” and run the only file.

This setup file has not required to install. It is a portable file so it will start directly without installation. The program has three tabs in menu. The “Information” tab will show you all necessary information related to IP address such as IP, Remote Port, Internet Port etc. Tools tab will show you the image file of your IP Address with HTML image link etc. The “About” tab is related to author and developer.

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IPNow Manager will not work real time. If your internet connection is disconnected or you have changed your IP, you have to restart it in case. Anyhow, you can open more than one program (IPNow Manager) at a time. (Review by PCFavour)

1.4 MB.

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