Metal Slug Commando 2 Game

Metal Slug Commando 2 Game

Free download Metal Slug Commando 2 game for PC. It is very light weight computer action game. This game is just like Metal Slug 1 game but the difference is that Metal Slug Commando 2 has different stages than it.

Metal-Slug-Commando-2-screenshotIt takes very less time to download and install even in seconds. There is no need to extra software such as direct X and Emulator like Mame 32. After installation, you are ready to play this game. When you will start the game Metal Slug Commando 2, you will see the instructions note. These are the hints for you to play the game.

At the start, you can play only first mission. All other missions are locked. When you will clear the first mission, the next mission will be unlocked automatically. This game has a total of 12 missions. Next step is to select your weapons. You can select up to 6 weapons which can be used during the mission. Choose any of your choice from A to I such as Commando Sword, Hand Grenade, Flame Cocktail, Barreti MC21, Stingfire 220, SG-200, Scorpion, Ti-rex M30, Nayberg NS30 and some others which are locked for the first mission. You can see the number of available ammo just below the weapon name.

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The gameplay is very easy and you can also change it accordingly. The main menu of Metal Slug Commando 2 has three menus which are Play, Options and Help. Play menu will take you to the mission and weapons selection mode from where you can continue your game. Option menu will enable you to change your control settings. By default, you can use A, S, D and W keys from keyboard to move your commando. As it is 2D game, so A and D buttons are used to forward and backward movement while the W key is used to jump. If you want to escape your head from fire then use S key to sit down. Q and E keys are used for selecting previous and next weapon respectively. To fire and aim the target you have to use mouse and click on left mouse button to shot. You can also change your weapons using mouse wheel. Help menu will tell you all about the keys which I have mentioned above. This game is very amazing with light weight and you will enjoy it a lot. (Review by pcfavour)

6.93 MB.

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