Mobster Roadster Gangster Game Download

Mobster Roadster Game Download

Free download Mobster Roadster game for PC. It is racing with shoot out game developed by The Mobster Roadster takes place in San Francisco. In this game, Marconi is waiting for you. He is a well known gangster of all time. He gives a dirty job and you have to complete the job.

Mobster-Roadster-game-screenshotIn first job, there is a deal with Johnny Buritano’s Gang. Additional Arsenal are armouring, you can increase armouring with 500 units by spending $300. High Octane fuel increase movement speed by 5 mph. Its activation price is $100. Mission 2 is collecting the tribute.

The gameplay of game is very simple and easy. You can start 3 new games alone or with your friends of family members. Each game menu will save its current mission. If you start game and reach 2nd mission then the next menu of “New Game” will start from first mission. To play game, you have to use arrows, spacebar, ctrl and shift keys from mouse.

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To accelerate and start the vehicle, use up arrow key, while to stop or break use down arrow key. Left and right arrow keys are used to change the direction. You can make target in front or behind of you. The pistol fire will do automatically; you have to reload the gun only. Keep an eye on bar that show the status of mission remaining.

At the start of the game, you have $300 in hand to activate Arsenals. At the end of each job, you are rewarded with cash prize that is added to your amount in hand. Mobster Roadster is very light weight game. Just download it, install and start to play without any problem. The story of the game is related to San Francisco in the year of 1932. So download and enjoy the game with old car and weapons. (Review by pcfavour)

20 MB.
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