Multi Skype Launcher Download Latest Version

Multi Skype Launcher Latest Version

Free download Multi Skype Launcher latest version. If anyone is searching the solution for using multiple Skype solution at the same time and they are worried about this, then Multi Skype Launcher is the best solution for them. It allows you to use multiple Skype accounts at a time and connecting their far friends and family members. It is the best software ever, which is very light to use and having a bunch of features. It has introduced by Multi Skype Launcher.

Multi-Skype-Launcher-screenshotMost of professional people and businessmen need multiple account and all are active at the same time. They are having personal account too, so Multi Skype Launcher releases their headache and gives them the best solution. They’ll feel comfortable when they use for sure. It has very user friendly interface. It occupies very small size in Windows and the most important feature is that; it is totally free software. Above all that is has an extra ordinary feature that; it can record your audio calls with G-Recorder and save these files into your Gmail account, you have to configure this option and it is optional if you want to use it.

Multi Skype Launcher is very easy to use; you need to do some configuration before using it properly. You have to add multiple accounts by clicking on ‘Add’ button, after that you must give your Skype username and password and save these accounts. Now, which account you want to open, you just need to select that one and click on ‘Launch’, you are done now. Similarly if you want to open a number of accounts simultaneously, then do the same thing and the new account will be opened in new window.

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Multi Skype Launcher is one of the most wanted apps, as many users confused that how many accounts can be opened at a time? Well, it is very simple; it depends upon the strength of your PC machine. On a normal laptop I have tried 6 accounts at a time and all are working well.

Multi Skype Launcher made the things very easy, you can now run multiple accounts on a single PC at a time and it is just the patch with current Skype software. You’ll like Multi Skype Launcher a lot for sure. (Review by pcfavour)

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