Multi Theft Auto San Andreas Deathmatch Download

Multi Theft Auto San Andreas Deathmatch

Free download Multi Theft Auto San Andreas Deathmatch game. It is the multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto Games. This version is developed by Multi Theft Auto. Using Multi Theft Auto San Andreas Deathmatch, you can play GTA game online with your friends. You can also develop your own mods for the game.

multi-theft-auto-san-andreas-deathmatch_snapMulti Theft Auto Sand Andreas Deathmatch is available free for download. You can download the setup from the download link given below. After download, just run the setup and start to install this game modification on your computer system.

Remember that, it requires the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game already installed into your PC. As this is a modification to GTA game, so it is necessary to install GTA San Andreas game on your PC. During the installation process, you are asked to browse the installed directory of San Andreas game. Although, it will search the game into the default path e.g. program files/Rockstar Game/GTA Sand Andreas but if you have changed the location of the game, you have to browse it.

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In this multiplayer mod, you will feel a powerful user interface that will make the complex tasks easy. This will enables the brilliant race mode that will let you race various tracks around San Andreas. You can sneak up on people and murder them in the dark using this mod. You will also see a psychologist and more mode like Stealth. You can edit map using map editor and will use very easy scripting system.

multi-theft-auto-san-andreas-deathmatch_snap2There is a great community and it is more reliable and accurate. If you have played Grand Theft Auto online game before, you feel well the accuracy of the reproduction of other player’s action often leaves a lot to be desired. This is very hard to get perfect but MTA (Multi Theft Auto) has the best GTA sync out there at it’s getting better all the time. MTA is an open source so anyone can contribute to make MTA more better. (Review by pcfavour)

21 MB.

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