Ninja Combat Neo Geo Game Download

Ninja Combat Neo Geo PC Game Download

Free download Ninja Combat neo geo game for PC. It is a 1991 side-scrolling action game. It was developed by Alpha Denshi and published by SNK. It was one of the begin titles for both the Neo Geo MVS (arcade) and AES (home) systems. It is disreputable for its unbalanced obscurity and weird design and gameplay schemes.

Ninja-Combat-Game-screenshotThe story set in the year 199X, trails the clone ninja warriors Joe and Hayabusa, who are wiggling a combat against an evil ninja family Kage Ichizoku. Their mission is to battle their way into the enemy home stronghold, Ninja Tower, which has materialized from the oean in the center of New York City, to once and for all demolish the Shadow Family and its head, the long thought-dead demon sorcerer Genyousai, and collapse the Ninja Tower. When crushed, three of the bosses: Musashi, Kagerow and Gembu, become followers and fight alongside Joe and Hayabusa as optional player characters.

In Ninja Combat, the passage takes the ninja heroes from an amusement park to the top of a tower. Along the way, they must endure nonstop attacks from the members of Kage Ichizoku and their gofers. The heroes Joe and Hayabusa uses shurikens as their crucial weapon, although other weapons that support them along the way are nunchakus, ratchets, , maces, battle axes, katanas and spiked clubs. A extraordinary somersault attack can be used to knock down a various enemies in a row. As an art of ninpo kairou, a fire dragon can be summoned to demolish all enemies on the screen.

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How to Play the Game?

After downloading the game file, extract it and run WinKawaks file. After that go to File and select Load Game. Now click on “Rescan all” from right side of the console. After that you will see the game Ninja Combat with NeoGeo system. Click on it and press OK button. The game will be started. Use to following keys to play and control:

F3: To insert Coin
F1: To start Game
Movement: Up, Down, Left and Right arrow keys.
Action Buttons: A, S, D, F, X, C

Moreover, you can change them from Game>Redifine Keys> Redifine Keys Player 1. Now you are ready to enjoy the action of Ninja Combat game.

3.69 MB.

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