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Offroad Racers PC Game

Free download Offroad Racers game for PC. It is a rally racing PC Game. Offroad Racers PC Game is developed by Gametop. The game is very light weight if we compare its graphics with the size. You can easily download and install it on your PC. Simply download the setup file from the given download link below and enjoy the rally car racing game.

Offroad-Racers-PC-Game-downloadWhen the Offroad Racers game starts, you will see the main menu. The main menu contains Continue, New Game, Options, Help and Exit menus. If you are playing the game first time then Continue function will not work otherwise you can continue the game. To start new game, select and press enter on “New Game” menu. Then you are asked to enter your name. It is prefix with Player_ but you can erase it all and enter your own. After entering the name select continue and press enter. Now you are asked to select game mode.

There are four modes of Offroad Racers PC Game. These modes are Contest, Race, Elimination and Time Attack. You can go back by select Back option at the end. After selecting the game mode, you are asked to select track. There are 18 tracks in Offroad Racers game. Only 1st track is unlocked and all other tracks are locked. The next track will unlock only if you complete the previous with contest mode.

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In contest mode, you have to complete the lap within time. There are three times trophy, bronze, silver and gold. After passing each check post, the reaming time will become bonus for you. When you win the contest, the next track will be unlocked.

There are eight vehicles in Offroad Racers game. By default, two vehicles are unlocked. One is rally car while the other is Buggy. Rally car is easy to drive as compared to Buggy. You can win easily with Rally Car while it is difficult to win with Buggy. By pressing X button from keyboard, you can boost up the speed. But be careful, it will also heat up your vehicle. More vehicles will be unlocked after completing some levels in the game. The game is very nice and has impressive graphics. You will really enjoy it. (Review by pcfavour)

69.7 MB.

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