Perfect365 Latest Version

Perfect365 Latest Version

Free download latest version of Perfect365. It is photo editor software which enables your photos to change with some effects such as make up effects and facial expression. This software is developed by Arcsoft.

Perfect365-screenshotPerfect365 is amazing application software through which you can apply some instant effects on your photos. There are 31 instant look features which make the photo quite different with some instant effects such as eyeshades, blusher, lipstick effect and much more. These effects can be applied with the help of a single click.

You can also change your skin, face, eyes and mouth. Using Skin effects, you can remove Blemishes, circles, shine. Moreover, this feature helps you to change your skin whiteness, foundation and soften your skin.

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Face effect is used to change your face look e.g. you can make your face slim, emboss your cheeks or enhance nose. You can change your eyes expression with the help of Eyes effect. This function includes eye liners, colored contacts, eye color, eye lashes, eye shadow, brighten eyes, enlarge eyes and shape eyebrows.

If you want to increase or decrease the smile, you can use Mouth effect. This function also enables you to apply lipstick, lip tattoos and even whiten your teeth. Overall, this is very amazing and outstanding application software and requires no skill. Even a lay man can use it and apply all above effects. Free version of this software has watermark within, to remove water mark or for professional use, you can purchase it. (Review by pcfavour)

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17.87 MB (Windows)
13.81 MB (Mac)
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