Prince of Persia 3D Game

Prince of Persia 3D Game

Download Prince of Persia 3D  game free for PC. It is a strategy game and developed by POP3D. Graphics are amazing of this game. Prince of Persia is the famous series based on the movie of Prince of Persia which was liked by many people around the world. Same case is with this game, it became very popular among the users that developers had to release its more versions.

Prince-of-Persia-3D-screenshotPrince of Persia 3D is the third installment of this game series. It is full of action and strategy game which forces you to play a vital role. It is one of the best 3D action games. With visual effects and animations, its sound is also very good. Most of the action games are trying to copy the story of this game with minor changing and this is happened in the past as well.

Prince of Persia 3D starts with your character hero and Sultan. They go to meet Sultan’s brother Assan; Sultan’s brother makes a trap for them. There you go for a twist here and you would love that and have to make strategy to save yourself from this situation. Try to escape from Assan’s trap, and then you’ll have a lot of action and puzzling situation ahead.

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Some of the critics don’t like its sound effects, but apart from this, the action game lovers are impressed with this game. You’ll have a lot of fun in this action sequence for sure. Download it, a bunch of action and twists are waiting for you. (Review by pcfavour)

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