Rochard Game Download

Rochard Game Download

Free download Rochard Game for PC. It is based on science fiction. It is available for PlayStation 3.  Not only you can play this game on Microsoft Windows but Mac OS X and Linux via steam online distribution platform. It has been developed by Recoil Games. Rochard Game based on a device which can manipulate the gravity. There is a device by which one can easily move different objects. It is two-dimensional game. Player has different mechanics and tools which relate to matter properties, gravity and weight.

Rochard-game-downloadPlayers can have an option to change the gravity by pressing and holding keys (Shift Button, L1 and LB). Control on gravity is the main tool of this game.  By lowering the gravity player can jump so much higher than the jumping in higher gravity field. The story of Rochard Game revolves around John Rochard. He is the leader of a team of Skyring Corporation.  Unfortunately they discovered an ancient formation which was deeply hidden in an asteroid. After some time John Rochard realized that there are some dangerous forces working on that, devotional to use that sinister for their own benefits.

Later it revealed that they all are in one union with space enemies because of reinforcement of John’s boss. The overall story of the game revolves around these things. Rochard Game has been published by using Unity engine. For PlayStation 3, it was launched on September 2011. Later, on December 2011 it was published on Mac Store. Its main features developed by Markus. Its special version have full soundtracks in MP3 has been released as well.

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If you love to play action and adventurous game, I will highly recommend this game to you. It is full of suspense and adventure. I am sure you would love this game. (Review by pcfavour)

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