Serious Sam Game

Serious Sam Game

Free download Serious Sam game for PC. It is first-person shooter game, which also has an option for third-person shooter, developed by Croteam. Serious Sam is the first game of Serious Sam series. There are now many games of Serious Sam series which are available to play.

This game is just like IGI 2 and Just Cause pc game but the difference is that Serious Sam is very fast game. The meaning of fast is that, in Serious Sam, your enemies attack very quickly. You have to shoot them till their death. They always attack in the form of like waves. Enemies appear suddenly and start to attack with firing and bombs. You have to escape from their attack and response with deadly attack for them.

Serious-Sam-game-screenshotAlthough this is trial version of Serious Sam but you will enjoy it fully. When you will complete installation, it starts with some videos clips. When you will try to click, any click right or left, the video will navigate and start a loop of all videos. You have to press “Esc” button from keyboard to play Serious Sam game. Now you will see the main menu of Serious Sam game. You can start new game from there and then can select difficulty level such as easy or hard. If you want to change setting from option such as screen resolution and controller and player option, you can select Options from main menu.

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Serious Sam game provides you two modes of player appearance; hidden, in which you cannot see your player, only gun will be viewed and second is 3D option. In this mode of game, you will see your player from back side. This is recommended mode as you can play well using this mode and can also see the enemies just behind you. If you want to crouch then press ‘C’ from keyboard and to jump use ‘spacebar’.  For movement, you have to use arrow keys and to attack and turning, you have to use mouse and its button. Left click is used to fire while right click is used to read message such as information about your enemies and other statistics of Serious Sam game. You can change your weapon anytime by using mouse scrolling button.

Serious Sam is nice game for shooting games’ lovers. Hope so you will enjoy this. (Review by pcfavour)

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