Tetris PC Game Download

Tetris PC Game Download

Download Tetris game for PC. Tetris PC game download. Free download Tetris game. It is very famous and old puzzle game. It is the game which I have played first time in my life. You may also have played Tetris game in your childhood. The game which I remember from my childhood was just like calculator. Tetris is the game of quick decision and proof your ability to adjust the tetris.

Tetris-game-screenshotIn Tetris game, you will see some blocks in different shapes falling down. At the start, it is very easy to adjust them but when you will reach 3rd or fourth line, it become more difficult. Because you have to adjust the tiles matching blocks according to its shape. If you fail to adjust then there will a gap between row and column. When you succeed to adjust the block and fill a complete row then you will get score.

There are different types of blocks such as skyscraper, L shaped, four shaped, half T shaped and a square block. These all shapes fall randomly so you have to decide quickly that where to put it. If you succeed to put all blocks then you can remove all lines till end and get more score.

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At any stage, if you fill a row, it will remove and you will get score. If you fail to fill any single row then the screen will cover till the top and the game will over. So, in this game, your aim is to fill the row using different shaped block. You can shift the shape from left to right using “Up” arrow key. Only the square block will not change its shape because of square. When you succeed to fill a lot of lines the falling speed of blocks will increase and it will become more difficult to adjust the block. So it is your target in Tetris game to make high score by remove more and more rows. (Review by pcfavour)

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