Time Chopper Game Download

Time Chopper Game Download

Free download Time Chopper game for PC. It is a helicopter shooter game developed for PC. In Time Chopper PC game, you can play various mission from the World War I, World War II, Modern I and Modern II. You mission is to reach the mission destination by destroying the aircraft and battleships of enemies.

Time-Chopper-game-screenshot-downloadTime Chopper game is 2D. During the play of the game, you can view from the above sky. So you can easily look at your chopper as well as a wide area of surroundings. You have to escape from crash with enemies’ aircrafts as well as from the fire of them. To play the game, run it and then click on Mission. Now click on WWI and you will see a list of missions. There are three missions in WWI (Word War I). 1st one is Prelude of War that can be completed easily. From the second mission, your real battle will start. The other three missions are War Began, Air Base and Naval War. To start first mission, click on PRELUDE of WAR and then click on Take Off. At the below, you can see the Objects.

In Time Chopper game, you can use various gunner and launchers. You can change the gunner by using keyboard button from 1 to 6. You can change the launcher using F1-F6 buttons. By default, you have enabled Gunner 1 and Launcher 1. You can change them anytime during the battle by pressing the button.

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To play the game, you have to control your mouse as well as movement keys from keyboard. To move your chopper up, down, left and right use W, S, A and D keys respectively. To use the gunner, you have to use left mouse button. For a continuous stream of fire, you can use long press of left mouse button.

With the launcher, you can make a bigger attack on enemies. Press right mouse button to activate launcher. The launcher will take some time to reload. The best fire is Gunner 6 and Gunner 5. Press 6 and fire, when the sky blue ray active, press 5 instantly. Now the ray will remain active and destroy all enemies nearby while gunner 5 will launch a bomb that will go ahead and blast. In the result, it will throw fires within 360 degree. You can move mouse to circulate chopper with 360 degree. I hope, you will enjoy the game very much. (Review by pcfavour)

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