World of Warcraft Starter Edition Game

World of Warcraft Starter Edition Game

Free download World of Warcraft Starter Edition game for PC. It is developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It is an action pack game. It has a bunch 0f action for you. The fans of action game would love this.

World-Of-Warcraft-Starter-screenshotBasically it has a lot of world for explore but there are also some limitations too. The important limitation is that it has 20 levels to play. In this free version of game you’ll earn only ten gold coins. But, in full version there are 80 levels of game and can be earned 100 gold coins. Apart from this, game has still a number of levels to explore and a lot of fight and action.

World of Warcraft still has a large number of fan following. It has 3d graphics which are amazing and there are high quality effects. You’ll feel that scenes are real. Game will give you full freedom to play in wonderful land. Choose your hero fighter, and then start to explore the fantasy world. You have to fight and kill all the monsters which will come in your way. You’ll have a lot of enemies and powerful opponents, fight with them for your existence.

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Don’t waste your time in this game to make yourself powerful means, try to complete a level in short time as soon as you can. You’ll have a lot of time to play this game; it is very interesting after each moment. You can also play this game online for free. One important thing that it will take some time for installation so have patience for unlimited amusement. This version of is totally free, so have it and enjoy. (Review by pcfavour)

30.66 MB.


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