Wrecked Download PC Game

Wrecked PC Game Download

Free download Wrecked game for PC. Can you imagine a modern Robinson Crusoe ? Here’s your chance to prove it . In Wrecked , you are stranded on a desert island where 3D humans , leopards and other creatures thrive . Three meters of energy , thirst , hunger and show what resources you need to stay alive , but is not always clear how to get them . We realized how to supply ourselves with energy ( sleep ) and water, but the food was almost impossible to obtain. The help files – which, incidentally , are not built – they were a little more vague than we would like . They explain that you can perform such activities as building structures, making weapons , and starting fires , but from the help file is a document of text difficult to read , many users may prefer the approach of trial and error . The demo allows only three pitches , so you will have to learn quickly . We like the graphics and sound effects (although neither is up to large commercial games) and abundant choices . Players can reconfigure the keyboard controls , turn off the blood and gore, change weather effects , and adjust the volume of music. Wrecked requires patience, but worth the effort. We would not vote this title shareware absorbent off the island.

Wrecked-PC-Game-screenshotAs Popscene and Sure Shot 3D, Wrecked is another remake of a forgotten concept of the. Way back in December 2000, was intrigued by the idea of ​​a life stranded on a deserted island and proceeded to give life the best I could. Unfortunately, that meant a 2D game that unfortunately crude (like many at the time) does not do justice to the concept. In fact, it was so ambitious that the game barely had the grid! But now, 4 years for a better game developer, there is very little you can not do.

Like a fine wine , the outlook of the game have improved over time . The Wrecked today is a fully 3D experience – almost unrecognizable from its predecessor in 2D ! Indeed, it is by far the most impressive looking release yet. The outdoor locations Sure Shot 3D has become a giant world well represented – with landscapes and characters equally refined. The landscape is adorned with all kinds of trees , shrubs and plantlife – all modeling and texturing better than ever. My newfound era of perfectionism continues apace in this game, as the island has an eye for detail unparalleled . Fish swim realistically through a sea flowing real, while water splashes accompany your every move as you wade in yourself! Meanwhile , animals of all varieties lurking the background – giving life to a world hungry graphically my players thought they would never see.

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You’ll be lucky if your are only wars against defenseless animals because their human companions are a more formidable opponent. Unlike animals, which are equipped to steal what they are attracted to! Even in the quietest game, a river of blood will be shed on who owns what. Tempers flare and morals go out the window when the stomach starts to rumble. You may even find yourself turning evil as assaulting his rich neighbor for a quick fix! Doing so has very real consequences though. The Indians, as a tribe, are sensitive to their actions. By default it will show a degree of godliness, but no crime in turn will lead to hostility wherever you go. For an easy life, you may find yourself respecting their culture and giving in to their demands.

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