Wrestling Revolution Game

Wrestling Revolution Game

Free download Wrestling Revolution game for your PC. It is very light weight PC action game. According to name, Wrestling Revolution is game about wrestling championship. The gameplay is very easy. You can change your setting from the option menu.

Wrestling-Revolution-game-screenshotIn Wrestling Revolution, options menu has controls, CPU Level, Match Length, Game Speed and other options. You have to set Controls options to Keyboard by clicking on it. You can change any option using your mouse click.

There are two modes of Wrestling Revolution game; Career and Training. In training mode, you are free to fight with your instructor. He will train you by giving hints to you. He guides you to fight such as you can run by press and holding ‘z’ key from keyboard. The gameplay buttons which are used in Wrestling Revolution are A, S, Z, X and Spacebar. Career Mode of Wrestling Game allows you to start your career with you own developed player. When you will start new game you can set your profile. This profile menu consists of Name, Age, Gender, Height, Allegiance and eyes effects. You can navigate menu by using enter and ‘Esc’ keys from keyboard.

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In Attributes menu, you have 35 points to increase the any ability of your player in form of percentage. 1 point will use to increase one percent of any ability. If you will decrease any ability, then your points will start to increase accordingly. You can increase of decrease player’s strength, skill, aglity, stamina and toughness. From Gimmick menu, you can change your player’s stance, walking and entrance style, taunt, special movement, celebration action, theme of background music and prop belt of your player. If you want to change costumes of you player you can use the relevant menu. Moves menu is used to change your action and attacking styles.

After “Save & Exit”, you are ready to play wrestling revolution game. If you are connected to internet during gameplay, you can see the ads within game area. To fight with opponent you have to use ‘S’ key to hold him and then ‘A’ key to apply some action. If you want to start count down for winning, then you can use ‘Spacebar’ to hold down your opponent if he is on the ground. After winning, you will gain some prize money or lose it in case of you lose. (Review by pcfavour)

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