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AlwaysUp Latest Version

Free download AlwaysUp latest version from direct download link. AlwaysUp is a computer application software that enable your computer to start your favorite and mostly used program automatically when your computer startup. This application is available free to try for your PC. AlwaysUp allows you to manually add the programs you want to start automatically when you start your computer.

AlwaysUp-screenshot-downloadWhen you start the application, you can click on “Register Later” to use this application free for 30 days. To add new application in your startup, click on add from the top menu having a plus symbol. You can also edit the application that you have added or start it by clicking start button from the menu with play symbol. AlwaysUp is very light weight so it will not take much time to install and configure.

Publisher’s Desctiption:

AlwaysUp runs any application (32/64-bit executable, batch file, shortcut, java, perl, etc.) as a Windows Service, monitoring it constantly to ensure 100% uptime. It will automatically start your application whenever your computer boots, automatically restart your application if it crashes, hangs, or uses too much memory, and do everything in its power to ensure that your application is available 24/7. And regular, detailed email alerts from AlwaysUp will keep you informed of performance, crashes, scheduled restarts and other relevant events.

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When run as a Windows Service, your application can start automatically without someone having to log on, survive user logons/logoffs, and run entirely without user intervention. No programming is required.

And best of all, after years of constant refinement based on client feedback and many thousands of installations on a variety of PCs, AlwaysUp remains a trusted, reliable solution for many large and small businesses worldwide.

Take advantage of our risk-free 30-day trial and find out for yourself!

AlwaysUp’s intuitive GUI makes it very easy to configure any application as a Windows Service. Just specify two key items (a name and the path to your application) and you are on your way! Come back for the advanced features later.

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4.77 MB.

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