Retro Car Driver PC Game Download

Retro Car Driver PC Game Download

Retro Car Driver is a PC based game developed by GameTop. It is very light game and you can install it on your PC without any high requirements. So, you can install it if you have Windows 98 or any later Windows like Windows 8 or Windows 10. This Driving game’s setup filesize is about 100 MB, so it will not take more time for you to download it on your PC.

Retro Car Driver Game Screenshot

After downloading the setup, you can easily install this game by following the install wizard window. The game main menu contains Play, Garage and Exit game menu. When you click on Play, it will take you to select your mission. At starting, there is only 1st mission or level is unlocked.

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In this mission, you need to park the car into a specific location. If you park it successfully, you will win some money and the next mission will be started automatically. After completion of each mission, you get some money that will be added to your account.

The second menu Garage allows you to select your car. You have basic car in the start of this game. There are two more cars those are locked and you can buy or unlock them with a specific money.

During the gameplay, I have found the issue that if the car stuck with any elements, you cannot move backward or bring it back to track. There is no option to go back to menu as Esc button will exit the game. Overall, it is good game for kids and they can enjoy it and if you have spare time, you can also play this game and find various bugs.

101 MB.

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