Ammyy Admin Download Latest

Ammyy Admin Download Latest

Free download Ammyy Admin latest version. Ammyy Admin is a remote desktop access application with zero configurations. If you want a lightweight, very fast, secure and easy remote desktop access application then Ammy admin is a perfect solution for them. It is developed by Ammyy Admin team.

Ammyy-Admin-screenshotAs many other remote access applications need very long installation and configuration process, unlike them, it is just click and start application. You do not need to install its setup, rather than this just click on the shortcut icon and you are done. It is very secure solution as compare to others as, only one remote desktop connection is allowed at a time. No other person access the system without permission of computer user, when a session is already login. It needs 8 digits ID only to connect a computer. You have to enter remote computer ID in Ammyy Admin and click on connect, that’s it. You’ll have remote access now.

Ammyy Admin is trustful, reliable and very light software. You can send data with high security. However, it has a bunch of features and the most important feature is; it is totally free remote desktop access application. It is compatible with firewalls and VPNs; you don’t need to do extra configurations. You can copy files up to 140 TB in size. It gives you 100 percent secure connection as it is used HTTPs proxy. Last but not the least, you can do voice chat with your remote desktop computer user which discriminates it from other remote access applications.

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Ammyy Admin gives you secure connection line as it is using very powerful security algorithm named, advanced hybrid encryption algorithm, that’s why mostly businessmen and companies prefer this software for their meetings and dealings. This one is also useful for remote servers and clients. You can also configure the unattended computer access which means, you can access the remote computer in the absence of remote computer user, and this is one of its best features, isn’t it?

However, Ammyy Admin is very lightweight and easy, but it has more than enough material to compete very popular remote access application, you can call it the most powerful remote access application. Once you used it, you’d definitely prefer to use this application for always. (Review by pcfavour)

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