Angry Birds 3.0 PC Game

Angry Birds 3.0 PC Game

Free download Angry Birds game for your PC from direct download link. It is a very popular game developed by Rovio Entertainment. This game was initially developed for the Apple iOS in 2009.

Angry-Birds-for-WindowsMore than 12 million copies of this game have been purchased from Apple’s App Store which compelled the company to develop more versions for other touch-screen based smart phones like Android, Symbian and Windows Phones. Then they have also developed this game for PCs too.

This is very interesting game. You have to destroy the fortified castles, where the pigs live, by using a slingshot to fire birds. At each stage, you have different types of birds to fire. There are many factors to make the fire perfect which include type of bird, angle and the strength of the shot. Each bird has it distinct feature after fire like a small bird will divide into two more same bird after the shot if you make a click. Similarly, for one type of bird, its speed will be increased when you do the same.

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Angry Birds for PC has made a change in feature from touch screen to mouse control. Hope you will enjoy the game. This game has about 195 levels which will keep you engaged for more fun. (Review by pcfavour)

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