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AppLocker 1.3

Free download AppLocker latest version. This is a rare application for those who do not want to share their computer applications with others, want to limit which applications can be used on your system. AppLocker is a simple software application that prevents specific programs that are open.

AppLockerAppLocker is very useful application for parents who want to restrict their children’s use of your computer, or just to keep some programs outside the scope of other users. It is limited to blocking. EXE, so it can not be used to lock the control panel, which is a shame. However, things like Firefox and IE can easily block, restrict access to Internet.

There is no safety in the box application, so that anyone who opens you can unlock the locked programs. However, if you install with administrator rights on your PC and set it to only be used by an administrator, to be effective.

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As a way to mark the users not to use a particular application, this does the trick. Comes with a help PDF, although this is very informative! To add an application to the block list, simply paste in the. EXE file name, it is not difficult, but you can find applications to add.

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