Arma II PC Game Demo

Arma II PC Game Demo

Free download ARMA 2 game for PC. It is an action, shooting and fighting video game based on military operations. ARMA 2 is a sequel to ARMA: Operation Flashpoint series developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio for Microsoft Windows. ARMA (Armed Assault) II, defines the Combat Operations in North America by American Army, was released in May 2009 limitedly but later in June-July 2009 it was released widely in the world. Moreover another pack with the title ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead was also released in 2010. During June 2011, the publishers of the game released a free version of it that has limited single player modes.

arma-2-game-screenshotARMA II is basically a shooter focused game on infantry combats. However the game also has some particular vehicles and weapons that are commonly used by military. ARMA II has eleven different and special armed factions. Each of them has their own weapons and vehicles according to their specialty. The command control system of the game is a nice feature to work on the operation with proper planning with a team of soldiers. Some of the factions of the game are: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star, USMC, Chernarussian Defence Forces, Citizens of Chernarus and National Party.

ARMA II provides the features of about 80 different weapons that exist realistically and are used by the armed forces of the world. The game contains assault rifles, machine guns and missile launchers with real simulated ballistics.

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The game tells the story about a province of South Zagoria in north-eastern area of Chernarus that is a fictional post-Soviet state including some island under the rule of Chernarus. The main characters of ARMA II are: Master Sergeant Patrick, Master Sergeant Matt, Sergeant Chad, Staff Sergeant Randy, Staff Sergeant Brian, Captain Shaftoe, Captain Carl Dressler and Lieutenant Tomas Marny. The game shows some armed groups in Chernarus standing against the democratic government of Chernarus to destroy democracy and establish a communist government. The government asked help to fight against the groups and US sends 100s of marines to help them and end up the tensions in the area. (Review by pcfavour)

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