Batman Skycreeper Game Download

Batman Skycreeper Game Download

Free download Batman Skycreeper game for PC. It is very light weight PC game. This game is developed by Softendo Games. Batman Skycreeper is basically the game for children.  The gameplay is very easy but the mission is difficult so you can also accept the challenge to complete it.

Batman-Skycreeper-PC-Game-screenshotIn Batman Skycreeper, your mission is to escape Batman from toxin gas and some dynamite bomb falling down. This is not at all, you have to survive your batman from falling blocks of stones. You can control batman using left, right and up arrow keys. The gameplay of Batman Skycreeper is very easy. To move batman left or right, you have to use arrow keys respectively. To jump or climb over the block of stone, use up arrow key. You will see your jump measurement and total distance from the ground at the top right corner of the screen.

In Batman Skycreeper, escaping is very difficult. It is very difficult to stay on the ground because of toxin which will increase by time. Moreover the blocks of stones will not allow you to stay. If any block will fall on batman, he will die and you have to play the game again from start. So you can escape him to climb over the blocks. Be active and escape batmant from falling bombs if anyone will fall at you, your batman player will die.

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The difficulty is that while climbing over the blocks of stones, if batman stucks between the space then it is also chance of the death. In this case a block of stone will stop your way by falling down just between the two blocks. Another way to climb over rapidly is along with the wall. For example, if you want to climb over with left wall then press and hold the left arrow key and continue to press up arrow key. But the difficulty is not ended with this method because after some time a bomb will cause your death. It is very hard to escape. Try it and tell if you will cross the round in Batman Skycreeper. (Review by pcfavour)

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