Bee Movie Game

Bee Movie Game

Download Bee Movie Game free for PC. It is the project of Activision. It is very interesting game based on the film Bee Movie which was produced by DreamWorks Animation SKG. Bee Movie Game was released in 2007 and basically it is an adventure game.

Bee-Movie-Game-screenshotBee Movie Game is the story of a bee named Barry B. Benson which does adventure and action in New York City. Players should play and live the life of a bee in this game which will fly in very rush and heavy traffic. Player will drive the bee through racecars, scooters, trucks and taxi cabs. Barry will fly at very high speed; you save to save him from accidents with cars, taxi, trucks and all that. You can move him using the arrow buttons to save him from being crashed.

Barry can be blast with obstacles. He will die if he crashes many times. The game will indicate you whether to move him right, left up or down before Barry can be collapse with some car. Barry will face also some enemies and have some action with them. For action purpose use 1, 2, 3, 4 buttons and remove them.

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In Bee Movie Game, Barry decides that he would go outside with Pollen Jocks which is a group of bees and collects the nectar from flowers and bring them back. When he goes then it starts rain and he waits for some time. After that he will go through city alone and have an adventurous journey. Bonus points will also be given as reward. You have to control the Barry bee. The graphics and sounds are also good. There is a lot of interesting things and drama during the journey and you would like that for sure. It became popular in the users within a few days and got very good and favorable reviews. Bee Movie Game has inspired a lot and will eat your many hours of playing. (Review by pcfavour)

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