Blood of Vampire Free PC Game

Blood of Vampire Free PC Game

Free download Blood of Vampire game for PC. Blood of Vampire is a 3D horror game and developed by The 3D Games.

This game is about vampires as they want blood of people to stay alive. The game has a good storyline, the fight between humans and king of vampires. The king of vampires is defeated by a human king due to some of his companions in a battle. Then king of vampires swore that he would come, find him and kill him and all his people.

Blood-of-Vampire-screenshotNow, he is come back to take his revenge from his traitor vampires, he has three minutes to collect more and more blood to keep alive so he wants the blood of vampires. You have to face a lot of enemies like the mutan, the ghost and many more,

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The background score and 3D graphics which are used are amazing. It is a perfect horror game. You’ll have a number of levels to play. It is a different game and you would love this game to drink the blood of vampires, sounds very horror. There will be a bunch of dangerous things in this game world. You have to take a lot of care of yourself. This is totally free game, download it and have a safe journey in this world of horror. (Review by pcfavour)

30.37 MB.

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