Combat Arms PC Game Download

Combat Arms PC Game

Free download Combat Arms game for PC. It is first person shooter game developed by Jeff VanLier Studios and published by Nexon. Combat Arms game is online game but you have to install it on your system before play. Combat Arms PC Game has large size and require high performance system. The setup file of Combat Arms game is about 1.5 GB of size. It will take some time to download according to your internet connection. After downloading, you can install it easily by running the setup.

combat-arms-pc-game-screenshotIt will take long time to complete the installation because Combat Arms game requires latest updates to run. These updates will take a lot of time and then you are ready to play the game online. Combat Arms game is very similar to Cross Fire, Counter Strike and Call of Duty games. There are various game modes in Combat Arms game. These modes are Search and Destroy, Capture The Flag, One Man Army, Quarantine Regen,  Elimination and Elimination Pro, Spy Hunt, Bombing Run and many more.

Combat Arms game needs high speed internet connection along with a high performance computer system. Remember that, Combat Arms game is available to play for North America and Australia zones. If you belong to some different zone, then you cannot play this game.

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When you start the game, you are asked to login. If you are new, you can sign up from the option. When you click the sign up button, it will take you to the website from where you can create your account. After creating the account, you can sign in using the details. If you are not from the North America and Australia, your account will be disabled. (Review by pcfavour)

1.61 GB.

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