ConvertAll Download Latest Version

ConvertAll Download Latest

Free download ConvertAll latest version with Portable application. It is a unit converter that enables you convert various units to each other. ConvertAll Portable is already installed pack. ConvertAll has more than 400 different units.

ConvertAll-Portable-screenshotConvertAll Portable installed pack is available into a ZIP folder. You can download this compressed (ZIP) folder from the download link given below. After downloading the file, simple extract it and run the application file named ConvertAllPortable. Now you are ready to convert from any unit to another unit. ConvertAll portable provides you search option to search your source and destination unit. For example, if you want to convert from GB to bytes then type GB below “From Unit” and only B just below “To Unit”. At the bottom of the program, you can increase the unit value. If the value option is disabled, then it means “From” and “To” units are not compatible with each other.

There is a “Unit Finder” in ConvertAll portable program. Using this option, you can find any using a filter “Unit Type”. Then you can easily insert it into “From Unit” or “To Unit” by clicking on “Insert” button at the bottom of the Unit Finder.

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ConvertAll also enables you to add any unit of your choice. That unit also will be added to the database of ConvertAll. You can use that unit too while converting. You can convert barrel to liter, kilometer to furlong, miles to kilometers, gallon to liter, kilogram to pound, pound to ounce and much more.

By default, the converted place are less and may be show you in scientific notation. You can change it from the Options of the ConvertAll. It also allows you to increase the decimal places up to 12 digits. If the converted unit value increases from 12 digits then it will show the answer into the form of  1.0215464545E+12.(Review by pcfavour)

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