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Free download Cute Video Audio Merger latest version. It adds new soundtracks for your videos by merging video and audio recordings, including HD files, to a single file in a variety of output formats. You can add sound to silent or video soundtracks replace existing audio files such as music and narration. Basic Operation and configuration limits their ability to customize video Cute Video Audio Merger occurs, but is ideal for quick jobs like greeting cards, instructional videos and Internet memes, and lets you share your creations quickly, too. Cute Video Audio Merger is a free program for Windows NT/98 8.

Cute-Video-Audio-Merger-downloadLike many of these programs, the interface simple but practical user of this application is like a box of reinforced monitoring system, although the design Cute Video Audio Merger stands out from the output folder and options file instead of the standard Add Files function. It makes sense because the typical job involves adding several audio files to single or multiple videos, so that the field of video Add Cute Video Audio Merger is narrow and Audio Upload field expanded list view. Video output options: FLV, MP4, iPod, OGG, and many others. We set output options; we sailed to a high definition video, and then select some MP3 files as soundtrack. By clicking “Merge” finished work. Our new video (or, more precisely, old video with new soundtrack) played well in our media player. Of course, quality is a matter of hit-or -miss, but some experimentation may give very good results.

Cute Video Audio Merger not always run smoothly in our 64-bit system and the button “Help” apparently does nothing, although the program website has some links to information and support. However, for merging video/audio fast and free, our complaints about Cute Video Audio Merger are lower.

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Cute Video Audio Merger Free Version merges audio and video in a single video file.

Key Functions:

  1. Cute Video Audio Merger Free Version merges audio and video in a single video file.
  2. Easy to use. Fast conversion with just one click of the button. Clara interface features large icons for performing all major actions.
6.31 MB.

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