Google Payments Ban by Western Union has been lifted

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Google Payments Ban by Western Union has been lifted

Google Payments Ban by Western Union has been liftedGoogle Payments Ban by Western Union has been lifted. This is good news for all Pakistani publishers. About two weeks ago, this news shocked all Pakistani publishers that they will not pick their Google Adsense payments through Western Union in future. All publishers worried to read this news because there was only one payment option left for Pakistani publishers which is through check. Colleting payments through Foreign Check in USD amount are very difficult in Pakistan because only few banks have option of Foreign Currency Account which is very costly.

All banks those are providing Foreign Currency Account has very high initial deposit to open account which vary from $2000 to $3000. The account holder must have same minimum balance into their account otherwise they have to pay monthly charges up to $20. So it caused a great worry for all publishers in Pakistan.

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I was also worry so get information from everywhere. I have also contacted to Western Union, although I have collected my payments 2 days before this temporarily restriction but it was problem for future payments, they replied me that they do not know such kind of issue. Contact your local agent. But all local agents did not know the actual reason for this restriction. Then I contacted again Western Union but this time I have messaged them from their official Facebook page. They replied

 We do appreciate your information Faheem Siddiqui, we’ll send the information to be verified. 
We’ll contact you soon as possible. “

So I was waiting from their response and praying that may I receive some positive response. Today, I was pleased to read message in which they told me that this restriction was temporary, and they have lifted this restriction now. This was the actual message;

Hello Faheem Siddiqui I do appreciate your patience, unfortunately it was a temporally restriction but it has been lifted already, our agents are aware of the situation.

Feel free to contact us at anytime, have a nice day”

So, it is really very good news for all Pakistani publishers that they can continue to receive their Google Payments through Western Union. I have added the screenshot of conversation between me and Western Union above.

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  • sir, is there any way to track the payment? in my issued payment , it is clearly written that payment is issued on 23rd September. i always get my payment via WU but This is first that my paymen is issued via secure delivery check. … i dont know why google adsense has changed the payment method but kindly tell whats the solution now for getting my payment …. kindly reply asap thanks

  • Thanks for letting us know. I’ve also confirmed it from a local franchise, and there’s no ban anymore.

  • No, because it is useless to confirm from local agents. They do not know anything because when I went to confirm for restrictions, some of them do not know nothing about this issue. Anyway, all agents will get this soon, maybe in a week.. 🙂

  • A.a Nice effort man.
    Have you confirmed it from local agent WU from where you already receive payments?