HitmanPro Latest Version

HitmanPro Latest Version

HitmanPro-Screenshot-downloadFree download HitmanPro latest version. HitmanPro is an anti virus program. It describes itself as a second option scanner which should be used in conjunction with another ant virus program which the users may already have installed. HitmanPro will step in to detect if malware slips past their anti- virus program. Although surf Rite bills are the second opinion scanner which does not mean that users cannot use the program as their primary anti-virus product.

This scanning technology not only incorporates its own virus definitions but it also has the ability to scan files on users’ computer with the definitions of 5 other anti-virus vendors. Scan Cloud feature is a strong feature of HitmanPro. HitmanPro can quickly scan the users’ computer and test suspicious files against multiple anti-virus engines including G Data and Bit defender. It is only a scan tool and it does not allow real time protection against virus or malware infections, but it also offers a second opinion or on demand scanner.

This application can be installed or even used in portable mode. The users can use this program freely for second opinion scanning without removal of infections. For the users it provides the facility of malware removal if they want to remove a malware infection, they can activate a 30-day trial mode which includes malware removal.

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HitmanPro is an antimalware application which has the aim to remove malicious files related viruses spyware, ransom ware and other malware from infected computer. As a second opinion HitmanPro offers the users a free scan. It has the task to check their if their security measures work. If there is nothing found then users will never need a license. When users find a virus then they will receive the license to remove the threat. For the classified files as suspicious, its users send a request to the scan cloud for confirmation. Then the scan cloud will response to this task with answer. (Review by PCFavour)

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9.7 MB (32-bit)
10.6 MB (64-bit)

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