Immunet Plus Download Latest Version

Immunet Plus Latest Version

Free download Immunet Plus latest version Antivirus. It is a cloud based antivirus software developed by Immunet Corporation. Immunet antivirus is a community-driven antivirus. It requires its user to submit the report to let it know about the virus. Thus Immunet always develops solution for new and latest viruses. Immunet antivirus is now acquired by Sourcefire that is part of Cisco.

Immunet Protect Free is the free version of the antivirus. It is cloud based and provide the security online. Immunet antivirus is compatible with almost all antivirus software. The setup file of Immunet Protect antivirus or Immunet Plus is very light weight and not more than 1 MB.

Immunet-Plus-3-downloadWhen you run the setup file it will check your system and detect the platform (e.g. 32 or 64 bit). Immunet antivirus is not compatible with Windows XP 32-bit. I am not sure either it will work with Windows XP 64-bit or not. After detecting the platform, it will download the installer for the operating system. Immunet Antivirus will give you option to select Immunet Protect Free or Immunet Plus 3 antivirus for a trial period. Its trial period is 14 days with all the features as given in the image below.

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After that, it will install and take few minutes to complete the installation process. You can add a desktop shortcut as it will ask you. When you run the program, Immunet Plus 3 will show the status “Not Secure” and “Not Updated”. You can scan your whole computer by selecting “Full Scan” option. I’m sure it will detect viruses from your computer and Quarantined it automatically. The average scan speed of Immunet Plus 3 is 2500 file per minute.

During the scan, Immunet Plus 3 will show you the usage of your CPU and Memory (RAM) that is used by the Immunet Antivirus. It will not use memory more than 200 MB which is quite good. At this time, there are about 10 million people protected from more than 85 million threats with the help of Immunet Antivirus. Full scan will take time according to you disk spca on C: drive. Download the setup now from given download link. You can install it with Norton, Avast, AVG, McAfee and all other antivirus software. (Review by pcfavour)

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