International Cricket Captain 2011 Game

International Cricket Captain 2011 Game

Free download International Cricket Captain 2011 game. It is the one of the best cricket game ever for your PC. It has a lot of varieties in it. It has a lot of new things, you’ll be a truly Captain of the game. The whole control of the game will be in your hand. It is a very real game. This is the addictive game which is developed by Childish Things.

International-Cricket-Captain-2011-gameInternational Cricket Captain 2011 is far better than other versions of the game. While it is the trial version, still it has a lot of strength in it. It is having a lot of great feature with it. All the players and teams are real. You can play a lot of cricket; even you will be enjoyed for the whole day. It has the ‘Save’ option too i.e. you can save your game play whenever and wherever you want.

The game play of International Cricket Captain 2011 is also very interesting and has a different style from other cricket games. First of all, you have to install this game which can be taken sometime. After installation you must choose the game mode to play. After that you must select which type tournament you want to play. International Cricket Captain 2011 has the update cricket formats like t20, Ashes and other famous tournaments. You are having all of them in one game now. You can have all tastes in at one platform. Now, it is up to you that which flavor of game, you’d choose.

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Once you have selected the tournament in International Cricket Captain 2011, then you have to choose your team and best 15 players of that team before the match game. After that, you’ll have the scheduled match with opposite team, and then finally pick up your playing eleven. Once the match will start, you have a lot of interest in this. The whole match chart and statistics will be in front of your eyes and you are the captain of the game and controlling all the things. When you do bowling to your opponent team then you can set your field by yourself and set the deliveries like in swing, out swing, Yorker bouncer, good length and all that. Same is in case of batting; you can control your batsmen like he should play normally, aggressively or very aggressively. The graphics and commentary is also good.

Overall, international Cricket Captain 2011 is very unique and complete package. You can play t20, one day, test matches, Ashes, World cup and other series. This game will snatch your many hours for playing. So, have a lot of fun and all the best for your victory. (Review by pcfavour)

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