Just Cause PC Game

Just Cause PC Game

Free download Just Cause game for PC. It is an Action-Adventure game which takes place on open world environment. The game was developed by Avalanche Studios and Published by Eidos Interactive. This game is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows. Just Cause has about 21 missions and over 300 side missions to get points.

just-cause-screen-shotJust Cause is an army game which takes place on a Caribbean island “San Esperito”. Rico Rodriguez, Sheldon and a fellow agent Maria Kane take mission against Salvador Mendoza, who has some weapons of mass destruction. They ally themselves with a Guerilla group. The game is just like a third-person shooter and driving game. The player of the game can walk, jump, swim and utilize weapons. He can also take control of a variety of vehicles such as cars, aircraft, boats, motorcycles and helicopters.

You can also perform stunts as a player using your cars e.g. you can jump your car from roof to another car. Moreover, the player can open his parachute while he stands on the roof and want to land on the ground and also can make skydive. This game is very similar to Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

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Because of open environment, player can play the game how he wants. Although he has to complete the game using the storyline of missions but he can complete the mission in his spare time. Misplacing from mission storyline causes to attract unwanted and fatal attention from the authorities.

There are also some optional side missions e.g. taking over a drug cartel hideout or liberating a village. Such kind or missions are necessary and you can gain some points with certain factions. (Review by pcfavour)

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