King Arthur’s Gold Beta Game Download

King Arthur’s Gold Beta Game Download

Free download King Arthur’s Gold beta game for PC. It is an arcade game for PC. King Arthur’s Gold game is developed by Transhuman Design. This is Beta version of King Arthur’s Gold game and known as King Arthur’s Gold Beta. The game is very light weight and easy to play. You can play the game on your computer after installation.

King-Arthurs-Gold-Beta-game-screenshot-downloadTo download the game setup of King Arthur’s Gold, click on the download link given below. After downloading, run the setup file. It will take few minutes to install. After downloading and installation, you have to follow the procedure to play the game.

When the game will be installed successfully on your PC, you will see the shortcut of the game on desktop. You can change the installation location during installation. By default, it will store into C:\Users\Your Name. When you will start the game, it will start to load with the help of command prompt. You will need internet connection to play this game. When the game will start, it will update and then you see play button.

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When you click on Play button, you are asked username and password. If you are new, you need to create account. When you click on Create Account button, the website will open where you can create account. You have to enter username and password(twice) and your email address. To make sure it is not spam, you have to enter captcha code. When you proceed, your account will be created. You need to activate your account from your Email address.

Now you are ready to play the game. Just enter the username and password and click on play. You will see Solo, Multiplayer, Settings and Quit options. Click on Solo, now you have to choose game modes. Click on Save the Princess and now you are ready to play the game. Use A, S, D and W keys to move forward, backward, jump or down. Mouse left click will be used to attack and right click for defense. You have to killed enemies’ soldiers and proceed. This is very light and low graphics game, suitable for children. (Review by pcfavour)

50.66 MB.


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