The King of Fighters 2001 Game Download

The King of Fighters 2001 Game Download

Free download The King of Fighters 2001 game for PC. It is a 2001 competitive fighting game produced by Eolith for the Neo Geo. It is the eighth game in The King of Fighters and the first game produced following the closure of the original SNK. The game was produced by the company based in Korea Brezzasoft Eolith and developed by a company formed by former employees of SNK. The game was ported to the Sega Dreamcast in Japan only and Sony PlayStation 2. The standalone version of Sony PlayStation 2 was released in North America and Europe in a package of two – on – one with the previous game in the series, The King of Fighters 2000. Both the original version of Neo Geo and Sega Dreamcast version were included in The King of Fighters NESTS Hen compilation released for the Sony PlayStation 2 in Japan.

The-king-of-fighters-2001-game-screenshotTime has passed since most of Southtown was decimated by the now – destroyed Zero Cannon. Other KOF tournament is being held and this time, it is organized by the Organization of Nest, the group of antagonists’ incidents of the previous two games.

As in the previous game, the battles are once again among the four teams. Instead of a strict “three fighters and a front” format, this installment introduces the tactical command system , which allows the player to select which characters are going to control in combat and the characters will serve as strikers.

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Before each game, the player can form a team of four settings combatants and non-strikers, a fighter and three forwards. The number of strikers in the team one will affect the length and number of populations Player Power Meter. Teams without strikers have more power meter to fill and can carry a single action, while a team with one fighter and three forwards fill your energy meter faster and carry up to four people. An action can be used to call a forward, make a call or super cancel a blown attack distance, or a Super Special Move. Level MAX Super Special Moves requires two actions to perform. Players can now cancel an attack on a Striker Summon using a Striker Cancel while some characters now have the technical wire whip which will send an opponent flying in the air and reach the other side of the combat zone.

How to Play the Game?

After downloading the game file, extract it and run WinKawaks file. After that go to File and select Load Game. Now click on “Rescan all” from right side of the console. After that you will see the game The King of Fighters ’2001: Millennium Battle  with NeoGeo system. Click on it and press OK button. The game will be started. Use to following keys to play and control:

F3: To insert Coin
F1: To start Game
Movement: Up, Down, Left and Right arrow keys.
Action Buttons: A, S, D, F, X, C

Moreover, you can change them from Game>Redifine Keys> Redifine Keys Player 1. Now you are ready to enjoy the action of The King of Fighters 2001 game. (Review by PCFavour)

128 MB.

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