Longtion Application Builder Download Latest

Longtion Application Builder Latest

Free download Longtion Application Builder latest version. It is a software development tool for windows. This application builder is used to develop and design database and web application. Using Longtion Application Builder, there is no need to write code for your application. So now you can easily develop software without any programming knowledge.

Longtion-application-builder-screenshot-downloadLongtion Application Builder also helps you to create standalone Web application. This standalone web application is actually a web server that run independently of web server like Apache. Longtion Application Builder provides you fully fledged program development environment with drag and drop facility. It is very easy to use and learn this application builder.

Longtion Application Builder has many features such as you can create database and web applications without any programming experience and coding. You can connect to database servers and can easily create, restructure, update, fetch data and so on. You can access a wide variety of DB (Database) servers. Moreover, you can directly connect it to Microsoft Access files and create database tables. Using Longtion Application Builder, you can perform almost all functions related to database such as DBNavigator functions for users and much more.

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Similarly, you can also create a Web application with the help of this application builder software. It will provide you the environment to build your web page and add the objects of the page such as title, sidebar and navigations. There are more than 70 built-in object types in Longtion Application Builder software. These objects can be added onto a form and then you can easily edit their events and properties to customize them accordingly.

The normal objects are Splitter, Button, ImageButton, Label, Image, Bevel, FadeButton, FadeLabel, Text, Shape, Balloon, Note, SlideShow, Edit, CheckBox, RadioButton, MaskEdit, SpinEdit, Memo and many more. The database objects are DBQuery, DBTable, DBNavigator, DBGrid, DBText, DBListBox, DBLookupListBox and various other. You can also add some actions to handle the events related to the application. (Review by pcfavour)

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